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At Forklift Course UK we offer a very wide range of training within the materials handling sector and first aid.

The main courses are listed here, in addition to these courses, we offer first aid training and may be able to tailor courses and training sessions to your specific requirements to blend with your working hours and shift patterns, so do please contact us with all enquiries.

All of our courses are designed to meet the requirements placed upon employers with regard to their legal duties and responsibilities, these include the requirements of:

  • Health and Safety at Work Act 1974  (HSWA)
  • Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER)
  • Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) and other relevant regulations and codes of practice.

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Counterbalance Lift Truck

The counter balance course covers operators on trucks up to 5000kg lift capacity. Our course is relaxed and flowing, allowing information to be remembered easily. This is achieved using a variety of short safety films, books, demonstrations, but most importantly practice on a counterbalance lift truck.

Operators should be trained to an essential level of skill to work with Counterbalance trucks safely, efficiently and with competence in the workplace, training is a legal requirement that we can help you achieve.

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Reach Truck

Fork Lift Course UK offers an extensive range of Reach truck training courses. A reach forklift is mostly used in warehouses to load and offload products at great heights. These forklift trucks work best indoors and have many benefits to them, such as the great heights they can reach together with the maneuverability in small spaces. We can tailor the course to suit the needs of the individual or the business. On successful completion candidates receive a certificate of training. Having trained operators is a legal requirement that we can help you achieve.

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Pallet truck-pedestrian and ride on

A powered pallet truck (also known as an electric pallet mover or straddle truck) is operated at ground level to move pallets and to load and offload pallets from a variety of vehicles. powered pallet trucks are commonly found in warehouses, they can walk behind, known as a pedestrian or ride-on types.

This is a popular course for those working in a warehouse/distribution environment. training is a legal requirement and we can help you achieve this.

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Pivot Steer (Bendi / Flexi etc.)

Training to use a Bendi forklift truck has a number of benefits. They tend to be a lot easier to operate and manoeuvre and are good when working in tight spaces. They’re also a very comfortable ride for the user. It’s a great machine as it can work between tight rows and reach the highest bays. The Bendi forklift has a “bend” in the middle between the forks and the body of the vehicle, it is also known as a pivot steer forklift or Flexi.

Having trained operators is a legal requirement that we can help you achieve.

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MEWP-mobile elevated work platform

MEWP is an overall name for powered access platforms which can refer to any type of Mobile Elevating Work Platform / Cherry Picker/scissor lift type machines. Fork Lift Course UK can train you on a variety of MEWP’S

Operator category 3A covers the safe use of Mobile Vertical machines generally called Scissor Lifts. The 3B Operator category covers the safe use of Mobile Boom machines which are self-propelled booms and may be articulated or telescopic booms and can be driven at height. The 1B Operator category covers Static Boom machines which are generally fitted with outriggers and cannot be driven while elevated this includes Van-mounted booms, Truck-mounted booms, Trailer-mounted booms or Spider booms on tracks or wheels. Whichever MEWP course you choose upon completion you will be working in the knowledge that all legal requirements have been met to operate the work platform.

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